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Best Magnesium Supplements for Anxiety

Best Magnesium Supplements for Anxiety

As the 4th most abundant mineral in your body, magnesium contributes to many bodily functions and has lots of health benefits.

In addition to providing a range of health benefits, magnesium may be helpful as a natural treatment for anxiety.

Studies suggest that this mineral can fight anxiety, so this article will help you understand the reasons why and recommend some of the best magnesium supplements for anxiety.

While anxiety is a natural response to stressful situations – such as job interviews, public speaking or dangerous activities – it should come and go without interfering with your life. Unfortunately, many people suffer from anxiety disorders characterized by severe or long-term anxiety, which can cause you to miss out on social events, life opportunities and more.

Although further research is needed, magnesium may help fight anxiety by improving brain function, so magnesium supplements could help you if you struggle with anxiety. In this article, we’ll examine why magnesium is beneficial for anxiety, as well as suggest some of the best magnesium supplements for anxiety to help you control your mood.

5 Best Magnesium Supplements for Anxiety

Magnesium can be found in a variety of foods like whole grains, beans and vegetables, though many Americans struggle to get enough of these foods, so they turn to supplements instead. To help you get the most from your magnesium supplements, we’ve found some of the best products available, based on active ingredients, dose and pricing:

Terranics Magnesium Complex capsules

1. Terranics Magnesium Complex capsules

Last but certainly not least is Terranics Magnesium Complex, which offers a ‘broad spectrum’ supplement made from equal parts magnesium glycinate, citrate, malate, aspartate and gluconate.

With a hefty dose of 500mg of magnesium per capsule, these supplements contain significantly more than the recommended daily amount of magnesium, so we recommend that you ask a doctor if high-dose magnesium supplements are right for you and use them sparingly.

Mommy’s Bliss

2. Mommy’s Bliss Calm Magnesium Supplements

These supplements contain a unique blend of calcium and magnesium with organic lemon balm extract to promote relaxation and support the health needs of moms.

Because pregnant and breastfeeding women tend to need more calcium and magnesium than average, these are the best magnesium supplements for anxiety in moms.

Calmify Calming Support for Kids

3. Calmify Calming Support for Kids

This herbal formula is perfect for calming down anxious kids, with a blend of six naturally calming ingredients in a liquid form that you can easily add to your kid’s favourite food or drink.

Thanks to the blend of spearmint, chamomile, magnesium citrate, passionflower, hop extract and natural grape flavour, these drops will help naturally regulate your kid’s energy and stress levels, giving you some precious peace and quiet.

Lifeable Magnesium

4. Lifeable Magnesium Citrate Gummies

These gummies are a tasty and convenient way to get more magnesium in your diet, with a pleasant raspberry flavour and 102mg of magnesium citrate (approx. 24% of your RDA) per serving.

Although they contain added glucose syrup and more calories than other supplements, the comfort food factor makes these some of the best magnesium supplements for anxiety if you’re a fussy eater or struggle to swallow pills.

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5. Nature’s Bounty Magnesium Tablets

Last but certainly not least is Nature’s Bounty Magnesium Tablets, which offers a concentrated dose of 500mg of magnesium oxide in each tablet.

This is approximately 119% of your daily recommended intake, so we recommend that you ask a doctor if high-dose magnesium supplements are right for you and use them sparingly.

Does Magnesium Really Help With Anxiety?

Multiple studies on natural treatments for anxiety have found that magnesium helps to reduce reported symptoms, suggesting that it could help fight anxiety. Research shows that magnesium supports healthy brain function by regulating neurotransmitters and a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which controls your stress response.

Because your hypothalamus controls the pituitary and adrenal glands (which control your biological response to stress), magnesium helps to address the root causes of anxiety. Although they may not provide quick relief like some anti-anxiety medication, the best magnesium supplements for anxiety can help you manage your symptoms.

Which form of magnesium is best for anxiety?

Because pure magnesium is difficult for your body to absorb, it is often bound to other substances in supplements such as citric acid (making magnesium citrate) to improve absorption. These sub-types of magnesium are categorized based on the bonding substances used and have slightly different benefits depending on the combination, such as:

  • Magnesium glycinate – used to reduce muscle pain and is one of the most easily absorbed
  • Magnesium oxide – used to treat migraines and constipation, but not as easily absorbed
  • Magnesium citrate – easily absorbed and commonly used to treat constipation
  • Magnesium chloride – Mainly used to increase magnesium levels and easily absorbed
  • Magnesium sulfate – AKA Epsom salt, magnesium sulfate is often used in baths
  • Magnesium lactate – is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s

However, more research is needed to determine which form makes the best magnesium supplements for anxiety since most relevant studies used magnesium lactate or magnesium oxide. Until more studies are done to compare the anti-anxiety effect of different magnesium types, we cannot be clear which is best for treating anxiety.

When is the best time to take magnesium for anxiety?

magnesium for anxiety

While magnesium deficiencies can cause symptoms like insomnia, there is no evidence to suggest that the timing of magnesium supplements has a noticeable impact on their effects. Because all the benefits of magnesium supplements are associated with long-term use, consistency is far more important than timing.

Regardless of whether you like to use Epsom salts in the bath or take some magnesium oxide before work, the health benefits come from consistent, long-term use. After you’ve chosen the best magnesium supplements for anxiety, try not to worry about when you take them and just keep your usage consistent by taking the recommended dose at a convenient time of day.

Is it OK to take magnesium daily?


The National Institutes of Health recommend that men and women take around 400-420mg and 310-400mg a day, respectively (depending on age and pregnancy status), so many Americans could benefit from daily magnesium supplements. Magnesium is also found in various foods (including seeds, nuts and leafy greens), though many people who eat a typical Western diet high in processed foods and refined grains don’t get enough from natural sources.

However, exceeding the recommended daily dose of magnesium can result in side effects like nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, which may ironically make your anxiety worse. Because you may already be getting magnesium through your diet, we recommend taking no more than 350mg of supplements per day, so try to find products with slightly lower doses when looking for the best magnesium supplements for anxiety.

How much magnesium should I take for anxiety?


Studies show that magnesium has anti-anxiety effects in doses between 75 and 360mg a day when taking it as a supplement. However, getting magnesium from a balanced diet may provide more health benefits than supplements alone, so we recommend eating plenty of foods high in magnesium to ensure you have enough magnesium in your diet.

If you already eat a balanced diet with plenty of magnesium-rich foods, you should be careful not to exceed the recommended daily intake. Although serious side effects from excessive magnesium are rare, taking more supplements than you need is a waste of money, so the best magnesium supplements for anxiety should contain around 350mg per dose or less.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that many Americans aren’t getting enough of, which can cause various health issues (including anxiety). Although more research is needed to prove how the best magnesium supplements for anxiety work, preliminary research shows that they are generally safe and potentially beneficial for anxiety.

Based on the limited research available, we recommend magnesium lactate or magnesium oxide in doses between 75 and 360mg for the best results in treating anxiety. However, you should ask your doctor whether supplements are right for you before taking any of the products mentioned in this article, as excessive magnesium levels can be harmful.

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